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Hello everyone, Plenus is a Hack and Slash game with purpose to be fast paced while having moments of strategy to heal and recover magic, we will follow a fantasy medieval theme.

First thing, we reccomend you all to play with a joystick(setup Is for ps4, not sure if works with ps3 and Xbox controllers).


The objective of this prototype version is to destroy all the opponents.


On Keyboard:

WASD to move character.

Space to jump, also to jump on ledges you’re able to grab.

Left Shift to dash.

Q to absorb orbs of energy.

Mouse to movement câmera.

Left mouse to attack.

Right mouse to defend.

Scrool button to climb wall.

V to lock on a target, F and G to swicht in case there’s more than one.

On Joystick:

Left analog stick to move character.

Right analog stick to move camera

X button to jump, also to jump on ledges you’re able to grab.

O button to dash.

△  button to absorb orbs of energy.

❏ button to attack.

R1 button to defend.

R2 button to climb wall.

Pressing Right analog to lock on a target, Moving the right analog to the left or right to swicht in case there’s more than one.

To both controls, press ESC to quit game.

We made some forms, this would help us validate some main componets of the game, thank you everyone who tested and fill the form!

Mechanics Validation: 


Sound Effects Validation:


Published May 24, 2017
GenreRole Playing
TagsHack and Slash


Plenus V0.3.zip 27 MB

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